Tuesday, June 27, 2006

westside love

An awe-inspiring parade of thunderous rain one minute, followed by an 80% "i-can-breathe-water-through-my-nose" wave of humidity the next. Such is the capricious nature of summer weather in Raleigh, North Carolina. Which reminds me. I once had a mountain bike in college named Raleigh (that's its model name, and we were on a first-name basis). When I could no longer withstand my time apart from KFC, Raleigh and I took the #51 bus which went down Telegraph to the nearest KFC. In my haste, I jumped off and bought my treasure... at which point I came to realize that I had left him behind. 'Twas a very sad day as I patiently waited for the same bus to come back on its return route, and when it finally did, displayed no trace of him. Damn.

Bikes to airplanes. Business trips used to be a shiny and novel thing. Huh? Free trip and an expense account? Count me in baby. Now, I can't stand being away from California for too long. Delayed flights, crumpled clothes, frantically searching for your luggage as they’re carried out by the conveyor belts, receipts strewn everywhere.. these things slowly tax you away. Evaluating all of my cali-external trips as a conglomerate whole, it makes me realize how good I have it on the westside. Sure, we might have the most congested highways in the world, but that’s all the more reason to take the scenic byways. And just by the beaches alone, California kicks your ass.

Raleigh has some great-tasting shrimp though. Fresh evergreen trees everywhere. People say y’all a lot. And I saw rain in the middle of summer… what more can I say.


John said...

first the foul mouth and now westside love? you have the 50 cent muscles... now you just need his tank top.

Billy said...

it rained here yesterday too. no joke.