Tuesday, August 22, 2006

mile-high city

Away on business again. First stop, denver. I was surprised to find the weather scorchingly hot even here, but I guess no region is exempt from experiencing the weather anomalies this year. I would love to come back here during basketball season, flaunt my lakers jersey and soak in all the anti-LA sentiment (kobe was innocent), but I already stood out like a sore thumb because this city completely lacks ethnic diversity. I swear, I saw only two other asians while I was here.

Training was bearable, mountains looked gorgeous, food was excellent, and I haven't seen any snakes on a plane yet.

St. louis next, then back to good ol' pacific standard time.


Anonymous said...

Pluto's not a planet in our solar system anymore... I thought you might care.

Roy said...

Sigh, I read that article this morning and it saddened me. Technically it makes sense, but so much for the childhood fact which stated that there's only nine planets in the solar system.

John said...

i was born in denver!