Wednesday, January 24, 2007

show and tell

I have a pet fish.

His name is Dirty.

Dirty is dirty because I tend to wait until the last possible minute to clean his fish bowl. When the water turns a milky, foggy color, I know it's time.

Dirty doesn't mind waiting that long. He is a trooper.

In no way does he take after his owner. I'm actually very clean.

He seems to prefer the acoustic guitar over the wail of an electric guitar. He's mellow like that.

Dirty is surprisingly smart. He recognizes the little red-capped container as fish food. Whenever I place it close enough to the bowl, he immediately turns to it and stares. Who says that fish could only recollect the last seven seconds?

He's brilliant red... my favorite color.

I love Dirty.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i hope Dirty dies soon! it's ugly..freals. one day, i hope you drop your fish in the toilet again. =)

basile with an e said...


i like this photo thing... been thinking about doing something like that for my entries... not sure whether i like making people have to click around though vs. scrolling. never liked scrolling much either. the less work, the better.

anyway, if you never clean the bowl, the fish can die, right?

Anonymous said...

Omg! Pepsi recognizes it's food baggy too!! Although, he doesnt like it when you stare at him eating. You have to pretend you're looking at something else.

I feel like Pepsi is lonely. I wish Dirty and Pepsi could be friends... but they'd probably eat eachother.

I'll be sad if Pepsi dies. I'll be even more sad if Pepsi dies before Dirty. Hahahahahaha.

Unknown said...

that toilet story was the best roy...hahaha

Billy said...

hell no you aint clean. you are dirty FOR SURE!

Sarah Park said...

hi roy! it's sarah, joe's friend. he gave me your blog address so i could um... offer you my condolences on the ucla-cal game.

anyway, Dirty has great taste. i prefer acoustic guitar too. :)

Alexandre said...

roy, you sound homosexual...

basile with an e said...

FYI, my guitar (in case you didn't see it already):

alice said...

I think Dirty's a bit claustrophobic... =(