Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There's something indescribably satisfying about being able to see your own breath when it's cold enough.  Like 15 degrees cold.  Even when I'm currently in the middle of Nowhere, North Dakota.

It's unbelievable how our bodies work.  I see my breath and realize that a split-second ago, it used to be something else.  Sure, a childish way of describing the Krebs cycle, respiration, etc.. but still. How effortlessly we breathe in this unseen but necessary purity and paradoxically transform it into a kind of poison, the somber truth being that without any of this taking place, we'd be dead. 

Hah. Is the parallelism I'm going with that obvious?

The Unseen will keep us alive and kicking.. even hoping.


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daifuku said...

Last winter I was exhaling with my mouth all over the place, just to see my breath. It wasn't cold enough for me to see it so I stopped breathing like crazy and started breathing like everyone else on the street.