Sunday, January 22, 2006

Kobe Bryant is not of this world. Was there a lunar eclipse or some weird celestial activity happening tonight? I don't think I could even score 81 points with one player in a friggin video game. It reminds of the days when my college roomie Eug and I would play NBA 2k2 on the Dreamcast, and I would drop 50, 60-some points with Jordan... and still lose.

Apparently, this historical news took backseat to a certain TV fanatic/psycho who was more excited about other ridiculous things. John, please take your girl to a basketball game.

me: did you hear
kathy: YES
kathy: FRIENDS
kathy: OMG!!
me: ...
me: no
me: kobe scored 81 points tonight
me: 81!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kathy: oh...
kathy: is coming back on TV!!!!
me: ...
me: 81 points
me: second highest point total in history
kathy: friends
me: NBA history
kathy: 4 more one hour episodes
me: ...

And I bet at least half of you who just learned that Friends is coming back got really excited too. What's the big deal? Is it really that good??

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