Monday, May 22, 2006

back to school

Traffic school, that is. =/

Figured I pushed off attending traffic school as long as possible, with my traffic school completion date coming up next week. This was for a ridiculous speeding ticket I received last December for going 80 mph. So I'm attending the illustrious Pizza-4-U Comedy Traffic School, having just survived four hours of class today and four more tomorrow. It's really interesting how so many of these traffic schools have "pizza" and "comedy" in the title, obviously in hopes that it will make traffic school appear to be less painful and mind-numbing than it truly is.

Anyways, the instructor is this really quirky guy who has a knack at reciting traffic law ordinances by heart. Do you know what vehicle code two-two-three-four-nine represents? It's blah blah blah... Truth is, he shouldn't even be teaching traffic school, because he has twenty-four tickets under his belt. He would shake his head in disbelief, slap his knee, then tell us another story with another traffic law ordinance squeezed into it.

Well, I took some notes because it was the only way I could stay awake:
  • it's really NOT illegal to change lanes in the middle of an intersection
  • the horn must be audible up to 200 ft.
  • motorcycles should always have their headlights on during the day
  • the 605 freeway issues 17,000 tickets a year
  • "Don't hit pedestrians. They're squishy."
  • "Do not use flares if there's a gas leak. It's kinda self-explanatory."
  • "Traffic school is organized torture, you do realize that, do you?!"
Sigh, I do. ARGH!


Anonymous said...

hey i took online traffic school too! i cant believe you took notes though. all i did was guess the answers and when it said wrong i jst pushed the back button and reguessed.

Anonymous said...

you couldn't take online classes? i have all the answers to one of companies =)