Thursday, October 19, 2006

new york

Had a fun weekend in ny before I headed down to nj for business. Thanks mr. ku for housing me and for sacrificing yourself to sleep upon on a makeshift bubble-wrap mattress for two straight nights. Here's some moments.

One of the courses at the Otto. I can now proudly say that I've tried and tasted oyster and anchovy pizza, although I simply couldn't finish it. The TMNT would be sorely disappointed.

Washington Park. We waited for over a half an hour watching these street performers go through their song-and-dance just to see their final act, but it's hard to say if it was worth the wait. The guy in the red shirt on the far right actually jumps over the five people who are lined up in the middle.

What me and giancarlo had at Pamba's steakhouse that night. Sadly, this turned out to be one steak that kicked my ass. A huge red apple encased in a glass box hangs outside the 24/7 Apple store. Gorgeous.

Me, billy, andy at a diner. It's friggin 7am. We would proceed to wake up at 3pm the following day.

Me and andy slept on the air mattress while billy, being the rugged beast that he is, slept upon strips of bubble wrap.

Ground Zero.

Somewhere in the financial district.

Katz's Deli. Omg. This place is incredible for their pastrami sandwiches.

Outside of Katz's. And.. we definitely got our quarter's worth out of that horse. Yes, the bar was crowded at the time.

You're a good town new york. However, you ruined my sleeping schedule for the next two weeks.


basile with an e said...

hahaha that last picture is so gay. haha waht the bubble wrap...

Anonymous said...

looks so fun.

Anonymous said...

1. yay for apple store
2. did you leave ur mark?

d.chon said...

i wish i was there man. it sounds like u guys had a great time. :)

Anonymous said...

so gay. i love it