Thursday, September 27, 2007

mahalo, come again

Back from my "business trip" to Kauai. ;) Hahah. Some random thoughts/observations I had throughout the week:
  • I won't dare describe the sunsets.
  • Hawaiians are the nicest people you'll ever meet.
  • Kauai is the wettest place on earth. It's fun running for cover when the sun's out shining so brightly only moments before.
  • There are roosters and chickens everywhere. Strutting around the roads, on people's lawns, even in the dense forests. They're like the pigeons of Hawaii.
  • Hawaiians end their sentences with an inquisitive "yeah?" a lot of the time.
  • People wear Hawaiian shirts to work. And their typical work day ends around 4pm.
  • I befriended a nice owner of a souvenir shop who turned out to be korean. When asked about my marital status, she got angry when I told her that I still unmarried. She gave me a fifty percent discount off of everything, and she also threw in a shell necklace for free. Connections!
  • The sushi is really bad. Their cooked fish delicacies are excellent.
  • It's really fun saying "mahalo" to people. I absent-mindedly said it on a couple occasions when I should have said "aloha," but Hawaiians are probably used to ignorant tourists by now.
  • A rainbow's end really exists! Optical illusion, light refraction.. call it what you want, but it was twenty feet away from me. This wasn't like the time in third grade when I thought I found a four-leaf clover.
  • I found a product called "Donkey Balls" at the local market. I really regret not buying it.


es said...

you made me seriously miss hawaii..

Anonymous said...

cool blog! i was referred to it a long time ago by a friend at Cal (Amy Hui) and i find your posts intriguing and honest.
i guess it's only fair to share my blogs which are mostly randomness and not as eloquently put but anyways...i have a blog for our youth group which is
and a personal one which is
peace out!

Chris said...