Thursday, December 05, 2002

Just writing to the world that I'm still alive with my battle against school.

Nancy fed me and ghandee a really great dinner tonight. I would give her e-props for it, but too bad we're all on BLOGSPOT instead of xanga. So here is a *high five* And andy, two words for you: real-time

Pablo yells at me for not calling him to eat dinner that he conveniently cannot attend anyways, since he was planning to go watch the co-ed softball game. You are true friend paul. Pizzahead.

Finally, for those who don't use Microsoft Outlook or Eudora to download their mail from an internet mailbox, please do. People like Hannah Kim, who keeps 3187 pieces of email sitting in her Bearmail mailbox which uses up 99% of her quota, make the entire cyberspace go slower.

Back to reality folks..

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