Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Me and jason have a special relationship. He IM's me out of the blue and:

jasonshmayson: dang
jasonshmayson: dangit
b o y 52: wha?
jasonshmayson: i don't understand
jasonshmayson: why are you so dead SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
b o y 52: wow
b o y 52: wow
b o y 52: wow
b o y 52: my monitor is burning up because of you!
b o y 52: dang, your sn is so stinkin hot
b o y 52: !
jasonshmayson: i can't even type
jasonshmayson: ouch
jasonshmayson: too hot
jasonshmayson: t
jasonshmayson: oo
jasonshmayson: ho
jasonshmayson: t
b o y 52: i have to squint my eyes
jasonshmayson: hold on
jasonshmayson: ii gotta open my windows
jasonshmayson: you're making the room too hot
b o y 52: jason, im going to have to restart my computer because my 40gig hard drive cant contain your sexiness!
jasonshmayson: haha
jasonshmayson: gay
b o y 52: i win

I don't understand how this guy is still single. WOW.

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