Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Thanks to the brilliance of my roommate who casually suggested that I should put on the heat sink on the CPU, the computer is finally fixed. The reason why it kept on freezing in the BIOS was due to the CPU being way too hot (260 degrees Fahrenheit) without the heat sink. It didn't occur to all of us that a heat sink would dramatically reduce the temperature by a full 150 degrees, which would allow the CPU to run correctly. But of course, this was just the main problem amongst the culmination of three/four other little problems that killed my computer in the first place.

***Special thanks to:

Allen: For putting in the most time and work into helping me, and being good-humored throughout the whole thing

Eugene: For letting me use your computer for the past couple weeks, and for your brilliant insight that made me feel like an idiot

Andy: For lending me your power supply, and because darn it, you are just too good-looking

Kwan: For also lending me your computer chip, and because darn it, you are too cute

John: For letting me make a bootup disk on your computer, and because darn it, you are too buff

Paul: For nothing. hahahah just kidding. For driving me to Best Buy, lending me your computer chip, letting me use your computer, and making fun of my broken car.

I woke up at 4am last night because the wind was howling outside. And there's still 20 mph winds outside right now. Exciting!

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