Monday, January 19, 2004

Did anyone watch American Idol tonight??

I saw the most amazing/hilarious/horrific thing. The third person that was being auditioned on the show was this guy named Paul Ahn, who was said to have been a marine. He came marching onto the stage, yelling out a bunch of weird, militaristic stuff for a straight minute. It was really weird and got really awkward. He halted and gave a stone-faced salute, at which point he said, "I can do anything. I can rap, sing, dance... "

He proceeded to beat box (which I thought he did pretty well), and then started rapping Seo Tae Ji's "Nahn Ah Lah Yo." In korean. I wonder if he forgot that he was in America. At first, I excitedly thought, "Hey I know that song!!" But the more he rapped, the more I concluded that he sounded like a huge dork. It got really ugly. Besides giving the unanimous "no," I think the judges also wanted to physically hurt him.

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