Tuesday, April 18, 2006

song of the week #4

Anna Nalick reminds me of Jewel. How their tones and vibratos are strangely similar. How their lyrics are really left open to interpretation to the listener. But what's even cooler (from what I read in her bio) is that she's strongly influenced by John Mayer's lyrical arrangements and considers Stevie Ray Vaughan as "the guy she plans to marry when she gets to heaven." Kind of a weird statement, but I got excited when I saw that she's an SRV-follower. Definitely one of the first female artists I've heard of who's influenced by those two fellows.

She's more known for her breakout song, "Breathe (2 AM)," which I'm not so fond of. When I heard that song for the very first time, I scratched my head in confusion because I swear it sounded like this other song. It drove me nuts to the point that I went through my entire mp3 list only to come up empty-handed. Am I the only one who thinks this? Someone please alleviate this nagging inconvenience and tell me I'm right.

this week's song: Anna Nalick - Catalyst.

catalyst: something that speeds up a reaction without itself being consumed or transformed in the process. We all have one. Maybe you're lucky enough (or unlucky for that matter) to have already found yours.

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