Friday, January 03, 2003

Had a wonderful New Year's Day spent with my family and relatives. Simply, I find myself appreciating and cherishing my family, cousins, aunts and uncles more and more as I grow older. I know I still have a long ways to go before gaining an adequate understanding of the sacrifices they made and love they have for me, and it's my deepest passion to give them my love and care that they truly deserve.

On another note, I went snowboarding today at Mt. High with a couple friends, Cindy and Andy. Man, it was great because I finally learned how to carve. It sure beats going on your heels all the way down the slopes. After seven straight hours of boarding, we finally left and drove hurridly to this soon doo boo place in cerritos (it's a cow-town I tell ya!). We were talking about how profitable it would be to set up a soon doo boo restaurant right near Mt. High. Or even better, setting up soon doo boo stations on various parts on the slopes! I would go to every station for sure. Andy said that he would pay up to $15 for a bowl if such a business venture existed. I thought that was incredulous, but that price doesn't seem impractical anymore. Considering that soon doo boo is today's equivalent to manna. =)

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