Monday, January 13, 2003

Mood of the moment: sad

Sad that my stay at home has finally ended. Less than eleven hours before it's time to go back to bezerkely and live the hell all over again. Hahah, I'm kidding.. it'll be great seeing old faces again, enjoying the beautiful weather of northern california, reuniting with the illegal cable I have in the apartment...

.. getting used to cooking/burning my food again..
.. stressing to find an internship...
.. buying books for the new semester..
.. that's right.. the new semester. sigh..

Can someone please slash the tires on my car so I don't have to drive up tomorrow.

Here's a really inappropriate statement..I altered her screen name for confidentiality purposes:
ChEEnDi: dude....i find that fascinating
ChEEnDi: that guys grope each other.....werid
ChEEnDi: and guys get all grossed otu when i touch other girls' boobs

Yes, she is a girl. Whose boyfriend miraculously survived a crazy jump from snowboarding this past saturday. I hope your arm heals properly bro!

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