Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Generous and Loving Paul cooked dinner for me and Nancy tonight. He made this experimental ramyun mixed with green onions, spam, and dduk (little dough slices). Dinner was great until near the end of the meal, when Nancy said something really really funny about pogs (I can't post it here). Too bad that I was in the middle of swallowing a piece of dduk when she said that, and I started choking on it.

But I was okay. After a couple moments of choking, I regained control of my throat and took a big sip of water. At that point, Paul said something along the lines of "I'll save you Roy," and then decides to give me the Heimlich maneuver after I was all okay. Without warning, he comes behind my back, picks me up from the waist, and starts to unmercifully heimlich me, that jerkface. I don't think it was even a real heimlich.. it just felt like he was giving me a bear hug from behind. I still had water in my mouth, so I had no choice to spit it out along with little chunks of dduk onto the kitchen table (sorry Andy and Billy).

Thanks Nancy for being so funny, and Paul for decreasing my life span by two months. Again, fifteen months and counting till graduation. I do not hope to experience more memorable nights like these before I graduate and leave for GrownUp-Ville.

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