Sunday, March 09, 2003

Yesterday, I went to Geneva's with Pablo for the first time. The sandwiches were actually pretty good, but the wait was ridiculous. Paul eats/looks like a horse. (that's for making fun of my mom so many times and for not updating your blog.)

Later that night, me, Andy, Chuck and Billy had a spontaneous praise jam session. Billy made a brilliant suggestion to borrow Dave's djembe drum to play, but unfortunately did not happen because Dave was sleeping.

So what did Mr. SexyKu do? He got the kitchen trashcan, emptied its contents, turned it over and using his empty Sprite bottle as a drumstick, started to rhythmically beat it along to the tunes of "King Jesus is all!" and "There is no rock like our God!" What a fun night.

Fifteen months and counting till graduation. I hope to experience more memorable days like these before I graduate and leave for Grown-Up-Ville.

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