Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Hahah, Roach is a funny guy. For the past two hours, he's been sitting in front of his computer, following the Wizards/Magic basketball game like the faithful Jordan fan he is. No, there's no visual clips of the basketball game, no excited commentator announcing the plays in real-time over the internet.. nothing like that.

Rather, the screen would refresh every thirty seconds or so, listing a couple sentences of the most recent developments in the game. Then Roach gets really excited:

WAS: Michael Jordan defense Rebound.
WAS: Michael Jordan made Dunk. Assisted by Charles Oakley.
ORL: Orlando Full Timeout.

ALEX s HYUN: two point lead
b o y 52: dood
ALEX s HYUN: one point lead
ALEX s HYUN: oooh..mcgrady choked
ALEX s HYUN: dang!!!
ALEX s HYUN: stupid laettner
ALEX s HYUN: whoo hooo!!!
ALEX s HYUN: jordan scored!
ALEX s HYUN: clutch baby!
b o y 52: niice
ALEX s HYUN: dang...this is intense
ALEX s HYUN: and sadly...very pathetic
b o y 52: serious
b o y 52: youre just reading a buncha sentences
ALEX s HYUN: haha
ALEX s HYUN: i know
ALEX s HYUN: and they're not even very detailed sentences
ALEX s HYUN: I <3 the Lakers

Hahah, just kidding.. I just made up his last comment. I really love Roach. And on that note, who wouldn't love the Lakers?? FOURPEAT, here we come!

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