Saturday, March 06, 2004

weekend highlights and lowlights - Part 1

highlight: After praise practice on Saturday morning, I drove to the Berkeley Marina and flew my kite that I received for my birthday. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect for the occassion.. sunny, light winds, a couple poofy clouds in the sky. It took a while to set it up, because it's one of those trick kites that you can flip and turn while it's in the air by gently tugging at the strings that are attached to it. After I finished setting it up, I was wondering how to get it in the air without the help of another person. A kind elderly man saw my need and came over to help throw the kite in the air.

We tried again and again for ten minutes, but the kite just couldn't catch the wind and fly up into the sky. I thanked him for his help, soon asked another guy who was also flying a kite to help me launch mine. He checked mine out, made some few adjustments, then taught me how to launch it. Three attempts and five minutes later, I found myself with my back to the sparkling bay, feelin the warm rays of the sun and breeze on my face, victoriously flying my kite which was happily dancing in the sky. Then it fell straight down into a bush.

What a great afternoon. I played with the kite until sunset. There's a special satisfaction you get from flying a kite while watching the sun set behind the Golden Gate right in front of you.

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