Thursday, May 09, 2002

im finally doing my laundry right now...i totally ran out of whites. heres a disgusting fact that i shared with eug and sharon...ive been wearing the same pair of socks for four days. sick, yea i know...but i SWEAR that i take showers every single day, PLUS i dont sweat in my feet like other people do! i dont know if that convinced you it too late to say april fools? O_o

didn't do much after i came home from school today. i just napped for a couple hours, ate dinner with eug, lifted with eug and snoh, and went to the library. geez, when i got there it was 'round 11:00pm and there was a mile-long wait list for the computers...i had to wait till 12:30 to finally get one. i think people are rushing to finish their term papers. last week, the girl sitting next to me (in the comp center) lost her entire research paper because her floppy disk crashed on her. she started crying and everything because it was due the next day...i felt really really horrible for her. word to the wise...try avoiding using floppy disks and instead, email it to yourself. floppy disks can corrupt itself over a period of time for no weird potatoes...mmm....if you leave potatoes out for a really long time, they start sprouting leaves and roots..looks reALLy crazy! okay sorry im on a tangenT..hahah geez.

i like walking home when its really dark and know that path when you walk down from the library, across vlsb, across that little bridge, beside haas pavilion, down dana people in sight, no other sounds beside the winds rustling through trees and your own footsteps...i found myself praying...well, not even praying, just conversing with Him just like how i would with a friend...i was reminded of a very simple lesson tonight...there's no better listener than God. you can blab on and on about anything you want, anytime you want...He's still listening wholeheartedly. the amazing part is that He knows your thoughts and cries of your heart before you even present them to Him. if He knows already, there really is no need to hide yourself from anything... a lot of people, myself included, just want God to verbally talk back to you like He did in the Old testament like with abraham and adam...i sometimes want the clouds to break and a thundering voice from heaven to call out, "roy!" but God is very evident in our world...very present. and just like hes the best listener there is, Hes the loudest person there is too...not by verbal words, but by His actions. His actions shown through nature, through other people, through your own heart...He responds to us in different ways. i think i still have trouble with this concept, because most of the time i miss or ignore wat Hes trying to tell me.. yea, we have two ears to listen, but most of the time, we have to listen with our hearts, where the incomprehensible is understood.

that about wraps up this night. i just have to wait for my laundry to finish so i can wear a clean pair of socks for tomorrow. =) this blog was dedicated to jahndee, who reminded me today over and over to update it so she can read it and avoid studying at all costs...heres to jahndee! =D

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