Thursday, May 23, 2002

wow...pulled another allnighter with friends.. O_O

we went to go watch star wars II at emerybay and i guess it was okay...i didnt expect much out of it so i wasnt that disappointed. on a side note, i dont know why so many people tell me that im so easily pleased by movies.. like i dont have the insight to see how bad a movie is. well just because i thought "princess diaries" was an alright movie, people cant trust my judgement whenever i say stuff like, "yeA that movie was SO GOOD!" (apparentely there are some people who thought that princess diaries was horrible) gimme a break foolios!

we ate at denny's, then went to jahndee's place where we stayed up playing cards and showing each other magic card tricks. it was pretty neat. kwan showed us this one really cool trick where he predicts the cards that you have, and jahndee was so amazed and her eyes got all huge O_O hahah but it took her forever to figure out how he did it....we even brought out poster board to draw wat happened to explain it to her, but she still had no clue..(just kidding ;P) but yea, it was also that time of night again for "mean-guy jahndee" to appear and make fun of me hardcore of my accents and looks and my whole existence (you should hear some of the stuff!!) hahah..but i know thats love speakin ;P

so i left jahndee's place around 5am because i had to pack to go home for LA... i packed, waited for Joy to pick me and diana up from berkeley to oakland airport, and we arrived just a couple hours ago in LAX. mom picked me up, came home, walked around the house, became familiar with everything again, and yea it feels like home. feels good. ;P now im starving so im gonna go eat and then sleep. geeZ i have the worst sleeping schedule in the universe (next to karen)

good luck to those who still have their finals in the next few days..

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