Friday, May 10, 2002

sylvia made my day by saying that i had a good scottish accent! i was reciting william wallace's speech in braveheart and she was surprised by saying, "hey that's pretty good!" i have many far they are:

1) scottish
2) british
3) pirate
4) austrailian
5) indian (kind of hard...cant do it as well as julie)

karen felt that the other four accents didnt really count because: s u r f c LOUD 9 (2:39:18 AM): they all sound scottish in the end
if you guys ever want to hear them, just ask and i will gladly gladly gladly share! =D

today was a full busy day...i went to my last day at OASES...for those who dont know wat OASES is, its a tutoring program centered in downtown oakland. me and my tutee (his name is isaiah) wrote cards for each other. he drew something really funny in the card he gave me, which is kinda hard to explain with words. but yea, im really going to miss that was always a pleasure to tutor him every thursday and jumprope with him after he finished his homework. that guy is SO good at jumproping..i think he's the best ive seen! he does something weird like i would hold one end of the jumprope and he would hold the other, and as we start swinging the rope, he would then pivot his body so that he's able to jump in hes swinging the rope and jumping at the same time..does that make sense? it was pretty cool to see...if you are wondering how thats done, dont ask me because i cant do it. but i can show you my accents! =D

i dont think i got much done at the library as i hoped tonight...bad news too: i got caught by the library police. you know, those people who wear those yellow keychains around their necks, walking through the library and making sure that no one has food or drink out...and yes, i did something pretty stupid...i was sitting at a table with kristy, julie oh, sylvia, roach, and karen...i had a bottle of juice out on the table. i was reading my notes while i looked up and i saw a guy wearing a yellow shirt walk towards julie (she was sitting on my right). i looked at him for a sec and just assumed that he was julie's the same time, i saw sylvia and others hurriedly putting their water bottles away, but i just went back to studying. after a couple moments, sylvia was urgently whispering to me, "roy! your drink!" i looked up and i was confused about what was going on...i looked up and that guy was still standing there. he was looking at my drink, looked at me, looked at my drink again. it finally clicked in my head that HE was a library police guy, not julie's friend. argh...i didn't notice his yellow keychain around his neck because it was camouflaged with his yellow shirt...sneaky guy. i quickly picked up my drink and put it under the table, and i spilled some juice on the table while doing so. guys, watch out next time whenever you bring food or drinks in the library...those library cops can look like anyone...O_O

okay im pretty pooped again...time to hit the ol' hay. thanks for reading though...even though that this blog is mainly for my own purposes. nite!

ps. hey frances! if you're reading this...just go to and you can sign up for one too. =D

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