Wednesday, May 08, 2002

woo HOO i finally finished school for today..=) i woke up at 9:40am ish, so i quickly got ready and ran to haas by 10:15. by then, i was completely exhausted...i just turned in my paper and sat in the back of room like a bum. next, i didnt feel like going to mcb lecture because our professor is getting reaaal shady...kristy told me yesterday that hes calling up students to lecture instead of him lecturing. our prof looks a lot like robin williams, but imagine him as a 70 yr old version of robin williams. got some gbc buffalo wings and fries, then started walking towards tolman for discussion. but then i realized that i was really early, so i stopped by the morrison reading room and hang out..i really like the environment in there. its quiet, old-fashioned, velvet chairs and couches all over the room...i almost feel like a king of england when im in there..sorry if that didnt make sense to you. O_o lindur was there with her nose stuck in a book like always.. we just talked about a lotta stuff...i was just reminded of how important friends are especially in college...chances are, these guys are gonna be your life-long is an opportune time to invest in friendships, but its really up to the person to make that extra effort to reach out. continuing on, i went to tolman and i found out that apparently, the last day of discussion was on monday and i didnt even go to that one...i totally thought today was the last and hiyas felt really stupid. she kept on laughing her head off of how she missed the last couple months of mcb discussion, and today she finally shows up eager and ready...only to find a completely empty classroom. hmmm O_o mission failed...we got in her car and drove to bancroft and found a place to park..hiyas was then talking about how she purposely wanted to break the meter so she wont have to pay. we found a spot, parked, and she put a quarter in the meter, but yep...murphy's got stuck. we tried shoving more coins in there to wiggle that first stuck coin, but those coins got stuck too...geez hiyas, you got your wish.

hmm..i just went to business lecture after that, where i fell asleep for more than half the period, and i came home now. nothing else to write about until sure youre wringing your hands out of anticipation of wats more to come...ill try to update later aright!

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