Sunday, May 12, 2002

wow, this is the earliest since ive come back from church on sundays...a record-breaking 1:50pm! its even cooler because there was no traffic in the morning or early afternoon, so we got to and fro faster. before this new schedule was implemented, the drive to sf was considerably longer because many people in the easy bay would leave around the same time as us to go to a baseball or football game in sf.

the new "church" itself was pretty cool and spacious. for those who dont know, it used to be a funeral home. but they fixed a lot of things and painted it up, so it looks like a church now. pastor eug shared with us some of kcpc's interesting history of termporary locations. it once shared a buddhist temple, a jim jone's cult temple, and a mosque (i think?). after service, we got yummy korean rice cakes and i think i ate like 20 of them. really good and sweet in the inside...i remember that while i was talking to andy, i popped one in my mouth and all the juice accidentally squirted out onto andy's jacket, like a mini-super soaker! it was really unexpected but funny..hahah. we had children's service next. a lot of the kids were complaining that there was no room to play or run around. at our previous church, there was a large area where kids could play...but nothing like that here. one little girl, ellen, timidly raised her hand and asked, "may we at least play in the nursery..?" i felt really bad for her at that point because i saw the room labeled "nursery" this morning. i looked inside and i saw that it was no larger than a kitchen. there was already a broken-up crib that took up half the room. but im sure we can get along without a playground for the kids for one year, when we'll be hopefully moving into kcpc's former location on this beautiful cliff that overlooks the pacific ocean...cant wait.

when we got home, eug climbed into bed to take a nap and suddenly said, "dang, these past two years went by pretty fast..." i have this theory of why people think "oh wow time is flying so fast!" as they grow older. okay, let me try to explain this..i did a bad job explaining to eugene so i think i will do a bad job explaining here. but theres a bottle okay! the bottle symbolizes someone's life. and each time you go through an important phase of life, say elementary school, a gas would be put into the bottle, lets say its blue gas. okay, so since gas takes shape of its container, the blue particles would disperse within the bottle. so at that point, elementary school would be predominant in the person's life and memories. life would be pretty slow because theres just one gas and its pretty homogenous in the bottle. but as the person goes through more stages, like middle school (red gas) and high school (green gas), the blue gas thats in the bottle has to make room for the red and green gases (this is assuming that the gases cant mix together or react). so the blue gas will be more dense and not take up as much room, and the red and green gases will do likewise. in a way, each gas layer has become smaller due to the confining space in the bottle, making it seem like time is going faster. so by the time people graduate from college and as they look back and say, "wow wat a fast four years it has been!" realistically, they would have been through so much and there would be so many different colored gases in the bottle that they cant help but see it that way. and the types of gases arent limited to school intervals, but also stuff like monumental events in life, memorable moments, friends, relationships, etc. i know that there are a lot of flaws in this analogy, and i must have a lot of gases in my brain to think of something weird like this. eug suggested a better example using marbles instead of gases, but that foolio just rolled over and fell asleep without finishing. i guess the main point is that a year when we were second graders and a year in college is still a year long no matter how you look at it, so make the most out of it.

i realize that blogs can be used as an effective weapon:

SKIM012 (2:16:28 PM): kids these age are so weird
SKIM012 (2:17:14 PM): he said he doesnt go to kcpc
SKIM012 (2:17:26 PM): but he got my sn from jenny
SKIM012 (2:17:34 PM): the student jenny
b o y 52 (2:17:35 PM): hmm interesting
b o y 52 (2:17:37 PM): oic
b o y 52 (2:18:32 PM): he likes you?
b o y 52 (2:18:36 PM): ;-)
SKIM012 (2:18:56 PM): oh yes
SKIM012 (2:18:58 PM): rowr
SKIM012 (2:19:03 PM): i have 12 year old admireres
b o y 52 (2:19:31 PM): thats going in my blog
SKIM012 (2:19:36 PM): HAHA
SKIM012 (2:19:38 PM): oops
SKIM012 (2:19:46 PM): u weirdo
b o y 52 (2:19:52 PM): excellent!

yes excellent indeed.. ;P

i have to go study now...and eat something. all this talk about gases is making me hungry..hahah! adioso

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