Thursday, September 16, 2004

I've rediscovered chess ever since I got my new phone. It's finally nice to have a phone that displays more than two colors. The three other games on there are pretty lame. Especially the Ultimate Golf Challenge, which takes forever to load and the ball literally moves frame by frame.

But chess is really fun. I felt guilty playing it today during my tutoring time with one of my kids. I intentionally made him work on a lot of math problems while I was there so I could be left alone for a bit and finish my game. Then after he finished, I made him double-check his answers. Hahah.

There was this one time I played Paul in a freak game of chess about a year ago. I don't know how, but that shek got me in a checkmate in ten moves. I hated him for a while after that. I'd like to think that I beat myself that day.

Anyways, I remember that there's certain situation when the rook and the king are able to switch positions.. someone refresh my memory?

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