Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Some pictures from the joint EM retreat (Downey First, Westminster Pres. and Gospel Pres.) this past weekend at Big Bear. The speaker's (forgot name) messages were surprisingly refreshing as he talked about experiencing victory over sin in Judges. Upward spiral.

Dang, I haven't played so many games at a retreat since youth group. I've forgotten that other games do exist besides hold'em.

retreat highlights:
*playing mafia allll weekend. The dynamic of the game completely changes when you start off with only three people, one person being the mafia. No nightfall, but just accusations right off the bat. It's all persuasion baby. Try it! It's fun.
*playing Balderdash for the very first time. One person's answer to what I.T.T.A. stood for: I Talk To Aliens.
*playing Set, the puzzle game. This game is so fun. I want to get my own set of Set.
*skipping stones and throwing acorns in the lake
*Jullian's "Essence of the Church" video
*Cafe Night that gradually turned into a Freak Show. Dog-barking impersonations, Ahh-nold Governator impersonations, impromptu singing about Big Macs and Mr. Potato Head, eight grown men trying to sound like chorus of bagpipes. Literally all the guys from GPC knew how to break-dance.
*P. Jerry makin music.
*meeting some really good people.
*staying up till sunrise.

Big Bear Lake, 2004
Close your mouth Dickee. Katelyn enjoying ramyun. John with glee. Random ant. View of Big Bear Lake. I'm proud of this picture. On our way to the lake. Iris, Gene and Kylie. Jenny in shades. Allison, me, Phil, and Dickee. Sung destroying wife in Trivial Pursuit. Genius at work.

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