Thursday, November 14, 2002

In my five years as a safe and experienced driver, today marks a dark day in my automotive history. I got my first ticket ever, eliminating any hope of retaining a perfect driving record for the rest of my life (which was one of my life goals..seriously!). Well okay, it wasn't a speeding ticket or anything serious like that. I got a stupid parking ticket for parking in that little campus lot across from the library. And it's not the ticket that's making me feel retarded, but the fact that this whole thing could have been prevented. Hahah, by the way, for those who are confused of why one would get a ticket for parking in a parking lot, it's because I don't have one of those campus parking permits which you need to park anywhere on campus.

dangit, so it was around 7:15 when I drove into campus, and before I reached the parking lot, I saw the campus parking enforcement guy driving around in his little parking enforcement car. Since he was driving in the direction away from the parking lot, I figured that he was done for the night and wouldn't come around to check for illegally parked cars. Besides, I just needed to print out a couple pages from the computing center.

parked, got out, ran to computer center, printed, and ran back out.. it was about 7:25. yep, great move, murphy's law proves itself once again as I saw flashing orange lights in the parking lot. i was thinking, "maybe he didnt check my car yet.." so i ran quickly to my car and to my relief, I didn't see any bright paper on my windshield! turned on the ignition and burned rubber...I saw the guy in my rearview mirror too, and we caught each other's eyes as I drove away..take that sucka!

My victory was short-lived when the lights from the campanile illuminated a yellow envelope stuck beneath my windshield wipers. In my haste, I pulled over in a handicap parking space (yea, i'm on a roll today) and pulled out the envelope, which enclosed a parking ticket. i drove home sadly.

Well anyways, I feel humbled by this experience, even though it's really retarded. It's about time i got a ticket because I parked in that lot about 6, 7 times already. Geez, I surprised I haven't gotten one sooner. On the plus side, I'm happy that I had something to write about in my blog. =)

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