Friday, November 29, 2002

Wow, it's raining outside right now. And I'm home indoors. A perfect opportunity to further procrastinate from my schoolwork by updating with another entry. (I am so dead guys)

Thanksgiving was a simple, comfortable one. I got to see some of my guy cousins, who out of nowhere, grew four inches since the last time we met. They're both way taller than I am now, but it makes me happy that they grew in their maturity too. My mom and my aunt cooked all day yesterday.. and yep, they brought out all the wondrous traditional thanksgiving food, as well as some korean gal-bi-jjeem. OH MAN! So dinner was really good, fellowship with the family and relatives was really good.. reminding me once again of God's divine providence over my life, His perfect love, and how He will be good forever.

My other little cousins are over now.. Debora and Christopher! I wish I could speak Korean as well as they could..I hear them singing along to the Dragon Tales cartoon right now. I hope they stay cute forever. I'm going to go play with them some more.. school? School can wait.. I have better things to do. ;)

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