Thursday, November 14, 2002

So okay, I declare that I am the worst person when it comes to updating my blog consistently. Or updating at all. Who knows, this might be my last entry until i wait a couple months again, when by then, I will feel like the biggest retard when I read back on this entry. dangit! Even roacha updated his blog before I did...his last statement about "liking girls who wear overalls" rings through my head whenever i visit his page. check him out ladies!

Hmm..I hope to learn how to post links on this page and those cool message stuff later..

I'm really sad because I woke up so late today..2 in the afternoon. It was because last night, I was playing scrabble online with kwan and little hannah in this really ghetto website. We tried to find the scrabble game under yahoogames, but no luck. So we found this website that hosted scrabble, but you cant chat with each other while you play (they disable that function if you're not registered with the website), and it was just overall superghetto. Not only that, kwansoo leaves the room unexpectedly (he told me later that he accidentally pressed the power button on his computer), and the server crashes thirty minutes into the game. But it was really fun though while it lasted. Anyone want to play later?

12th week of classes...almost over. can't believe it. Paul and heuge went home for the weekend today, those lucky jerks. I really want to go home..

andychon, you couldnt have written a more selfish email. lates! =)

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