Tuesday, April 13, 2004

At the end of a blowout game against the Nets, Hawk's shooting guard Bob Sura intentionally missed a shot so that he could catch his own rebound and post his third consecutive triple-double, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since Grant Hill back in '97. What a shek!

I'm glad when I heard today that the NBA ruled that the rebound didn't count. Dang, I think players like that should be suspended one game or something. What happened to playing just for the love of the game? Individual stats shouldn't matter. At least Sura didn't stoop as low as Ricky Davis when last year, Davis intentionally shot at the wrong basket and missed to grab the rebound for a triple-double.

And last night, me and Heuge re-watched the Arturo Gatti vs. Mickey Ward fight (2002) on Heuge's computer. Throughout the entire ten rounds, all I could say was, "wow." I understand why this was crowned as the fight of the century. If anyone wants to watch it, let me know.

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