Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Shekkifaces 18, Mal Osos 10. Everyone played so well in this game. Huge win!

A bunch of youth group and college young'uns, along with Pastor Sung and Kylie, came up from Downey this past weekend. Yesterday, I got to meet them in San Francisco where we ate at Tad's steakhouse and the Metreon. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Sun likes her steak medium-rare too.

I was shocked at how Richard lost so much weight since the last time I've seen him. I think that gave him a lot of confidence because the whole night, he was so rebellious to me. Making jokes and running away because I wasn't healthy enough to catch him. Richard, you won't be so brave next time.

Later that night, Billy, Kwan and Heuge were playing games off the Dreamcast at my place. We played this one cartoonish boxing game where the characters looked really ridiculous with their goofy boxing moves. It was the biggest waste of time but had a great laugh.

Seven more weeks left of living in Berkeley. Time can sure fly.

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