Monday, April 12, 2004

Senior vs. Sophomore game. The seniors pulled through, but it was real close throughout the whole game. Good game sophies, and I'm envious that you guys still have another couple seasons to play softball.

Afterwards, a bunch of guys went to In-N-Out to eat. There were some pretty ridiculous conversations/bets going on, for instance, what would it take to get Heuge to go to the freshmen boat dance. He promised that he would go for $400, which Richard and Dennis really took seriously and conspired as how to raise the money. After a while of arguing, the talk somehow evolved into "hey guys, let's go play Risk and waste our night away," and that's what Kwan, Billy, Richard, James, and Heuge are doing right now in the living room at 4am. Everytime Billy rolls the dice, I could hear him yell "Survivor! Survivor!"

Played a couple nostalgic games of Starcraft with Dennis. Hahah, we'll get a win soon man.

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