Sunday, September 26, 2004

I'm going over my favorite book with one of my tutor kids. My 6th grade summer school teacher would read aloud a chunk of this book everyday, and I promise that every person in that classroom cried at least once by the time we finished the whole story.

"I'm sure the red fern has grown and has completely covered the two little mounds. I know it is still there, hiding its secret beneath those long, red leaves, but it wouldn't be hidden from me for part of my life is buried there, too."

You're heartless if you don't cry after reading it. It has more meaning and substance than a sad, sappy korean drama ever will. This is one of two books that ever made me teary. The other book is called There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom by Louis Sachar. Don't dog on the title.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Some pictures from the joint EM retreat (Downey First, Westminster Pres. and Gospel Pres.) this past weekend at Big Bear. The speaker's (forgot name) messages were surprisingly refreshing as he talked about experiencing victory over sin in Judges. Upward spiral.

Dang, I haven't played so many games at a retreat since youth group. I've forgotten that other games do exist besides hold'em.

retreat highlights:
*playing mafia allll weekend. The dynamic of the game completely changes when you start off with only three people, one person being the mafia. No nightfall, but just accusations right off the bat. It's all persuasion baby. Try it! It's fun.
*playing Balderdash for the very first time. One person's answer to what I.T.T.A. stood for: I Talk To Aliens.
*playing Set, the puzzle game. This game is so fun. I want to get my own set of Set.
*skipping stones and throwing acorns in the lake
*Jullian's "Essence of the Church" video
*Cafe Night that gradually turned into a Freak Show. Dog-barking impersonations, Ahh-nold Governator impersonations, impromptu singing about Big Macs and Mr. Potato Head, eight grown men trying to sound like chorus of bagpipes. Literally all the guys from GPC knew how to break-dance.
*P. Jerry makin music.
*meeting some really good people.
*staying up till sunrise.

Big Bear Lake, 2004
Close your mouth Dickee. Katelyn enjoying ramyun. John with glee. Random ant. View of Big Bear Lake. I'm proud of this picture. On our way to the lake. Iris, Gene and Kylie. Jenny in shades. Allison, me, Phil, and Dickee. Sung destroying wife in Trivial Pursuit. Genius at work.

Friday, September 17, 2004

After watching a new episode of "The Apprentice" tonight, I can finally understand why it got so many raves and media attention last year. Dang, I wish I watched all of season 1. Stupid Stacie, she needs to be fired.

Reality shows are surprisingly getting better. I'm really looking forward to "The Real Gilligan's Island," in which the contestants are real-life versions of the castaways from the tv show who have to devise a way to get off the island. It shouldn't be too hard to cast a Gilligan or a MaryAnn, but I think a good Professor will be hard to find. I hope the producers cast a Professor who could really make clever inventions, like that pedal-powered washing machine.

Will be on a EM retreat for the weekend. Adios!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I've rediscovered chess ever since I got my new phone. It's finally nice to have a phone that displays more than two colors. The three other games on there are pretty lame. Especially the Ultimate Golf Challenge, which takes forever to load and the ball literally moves frame by frame.

But chess is really fun. I felt guilty playing it today during my tutoring time with one of my kids. I intentionally made him work on a lot of math problems while I was there so I could be left alone for a bit and finish my game. Then after he finished, I made him double-check his answers. Hahah.

There was this one time I played Paul in a freak game of chess about a year ago. I don't know how, but that shek got me in a checkmate in ten moves. I hated him for a while after that. I'd like to think that I beat myself that day.

Anyways, I remember that there's certain situation when the rook and the king are able to switch positions.. someone refresh my memory?

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Cady is so freakin adorable:

"When I grow up, I want to be a crayon!"
Cal scored 97 points in its last two games combined. What would I give to have season tickets right now. Can we repeat again on Oct. 9th?

I can't believe it was only two years ago when we won only ONE stinkin game under Holmoe. Someone needs to buy Tedford a mansion in the Berkeley hills so that he never leaves.

Do I see Cal at the Rose Bowl in the future??

edit: Geez, 300th post since conception. I'm glad I started a blog instead of a xanga.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hard to believe three years had already passed.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Played some PartyPoker tonight since last playing it months ago. To show how much your bankroll can fluctuate, I started off with a measly $54,000, went up as high as $1.6 mill, then lost it all. Why have I yet to uninstall this??

Earlier, I watched three complete baseball games and two movies on tv today. I think I grew half an inch from hardly moving all day. Is it true that you're a bit taller in the morning as a result from laying down all night?

Gee, my fridays are so pathetic.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Berkeley was fun. I think I walked more in the past two days than I have the entire summer.

main events:
*breathing in the fresh bay area air
*savoring the first bite of my la burrita carne asada
*losing in every game of hold'em
*losing in every game of Super Smash Bros.
*meeting up with friendly faces
*walking on Sproul's newly paved plaza
*experiencing the incredible tri-tip steak sandwich at a small brazilian cafe
*minicar racing, cheap arcades, batting cages and miniature golfing at Scandia
*hearing news of Sang & Kimi's new baby
*worshipping at KCPC
*playing with Baby, Heidi, Nicole, Madison and David in nursery
*little Madison giving me a sweet goodbye hug
*walking down memory lane as slowly as possible

Thanks to Andy for driving, and to Rob, John, Kwan and Billy for letting us crash at your place!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Yup, this Kobe case wasn't gonna take off from the beginning. Case closed!

Berkeley this weekend!