Sunday, April 05, 2009

for what it's worth

For the past year of my life: thank you, new york city.

citilights - Sean McClowry

they're building higher
oh, the skyline looks so pretty from this rooftop
and the walk I take from home to my train stop is fine with me
and music plays
there are dancers on the stage next to the fountain
and statues that remind us of our fathers
so long ago

in this city, we are walking next to millions
in this city, we are walking next to nations
though the city life inspires me, it's hard to see
my name in lights while others fade away

over the river
there are pieces of the past I knew from textbooks
and we separate the boundaries from our neighbors
they're tearing down
and it's a race to get the real estate investment
'cause the land of opportunity's expensive
so hard to be here

oh, look around
on the corner of the street next to cathedrals
there's a colony of men who sleep on sidewalks
it's never equal
and the children are too young to know such sadness
if we mourn with those who mourn it makes a difference
for friends in need