Monday, March 29, 2004

My senior retreat memories at Bodega Bay:

*so many cows and sheep
*socking Slum and hearing about his "toothpick" story
*the wonderful wonderful jacuzzi time with eight other half-naked guys
*Julie, Andy, Jane and Esther drinking the chlorinated jacuzzi water for punishment
*the view
*watching people golf in our huge backyard and seeing one guy hit a ball onto someone's roof
*accidental potty mouths
*small group time with Esther, Kristy, Grace, Paul, and Danch
*an open Pastor Ryan
*kayaking at the beach/swamp
*no one coming to help me after I fell in the water
*watching Billy fall into the ocean after making a hard turn in his kayak
*indecent sand creations
*Billy proposing a punishment and then ending up doing the punishment on his knees
*chased by Heugene
*a horrified Karen after tapping p.eug's butt
*six or seven people spying on an innocent Andy go poo-poo
*watching Andy go ballistic on Roach, then ballistic on Paul
*praising with Kwan and Andy
*BBQ time with Paul and Danch
*stupid Paul pulling my seat away from me
*campfire time.. watching a sand bug jump into the fire
*crashing waves in the darkness
*"I see Jesus in you all when you laugh and smile"
*one starry night
*P.eug's simple profound messages
*five tiny shells
*picture time: "why don't you press the trigger and everything will be okay"

something important I learned: no matter how much we know, we need reminders more than new lessons.

the senior class of 2004 (well, most of us)

Two more months.

Friday, March 26, 2004

And off to senior retreat we go!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory with Frank. We had a good talk about a lot of different stuff. Thanks for treating, Frank.

Afterwards, me, Kwan, Paul and Frank played some cards. It was so boring.

However, the mighty Lakers pounded the Sacramento Queens, 115-91. At one point, they were up by 30 points. This is the first time this season in which both teams had their superstars back from illnesses/injuries (with the exception of Bobby Jackson) to play against each other. And what a satisfying beating it was.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Recap of last couple days..

fluke friday:
Went snowboarding at Boreal with a buncha people: Andy, Kristy, Karen, Elise, Dennis, Danny, Edwin, Justin. On the way there, I got my second speeding ticket in six months. Before the first run on the slopes, I lost a contact. Received an extreme sunburn. Later in the day, Andy saw me narrowly miss a tree by an inch, but I wasn't so lucky later when my freak snowboard did a 180 and jacked up my right knee in the process. I was able to limp/hop around, but by the time we got home that night, the pain exponentially got worse and I had to be on crutches the next couple days. I found out that I sprained my MCL (medial collateral ligament), which is the same injury as Karl Malone's! What an honor.

Billy came over that night to pick up some books from my apartment, but as he was leaving, he stuck his butt out at me, tapped it, and mocked, "Come get me, Roymund! Cmon Roymund, you can't run after me, huh Roymund??" Buttface.

super saturday:
Super to be back in Downey.

slammin sunday:
Visited Pacific Crossroads Church in Santa Monica with Mejeld, Slum, Karen, Gower, Sylvia, and Chris. I had to say that I really enjoyed every aspect of it.. the praise, the incredible sermon, the cool catch phrases. Afterwards, Mejeld treated all of us out to sushi. During the meal, we somehow got onto the topic of "how many eggs do women carry," during which Karen piped up and proudly announced, "I think I have two million." Me, Slum, and Mejeld had a great time calling her an "egg factory."

Had a fun time at The Grove afterwards. And another always-satisfying visit to the 99-cent store. Mama flew to Korea later that night. I hope my bro and dad will be able to survive for the next two weeks. I foresee a lot of empty Pizza Hut boxes.

mellow monday:
Driving back up to Berkeley later tonight to go back to work. I need to reenergize myself with soondubu, fast. Hello lunch.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Great POTCH everyone! Time to unleash spring break.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I received this email in my inbox yesterday:


Attn: Sir,

My name is Dr. Ahmed Kabo, The Manager, Credit and Foreign Bills of (ECO-INTERNATIONAL BANK LAGOS, NIGERIA) I am writing in respect of a foreign customer of my bank with account number 14-255-2004/ASTB/123-99 who perished in an auto-crash with the whole passengers aboard.

Since the demise of this our customer, I personally has watched with kind interest to see the next of kin of this man, but all has proved abortive as no one has come to claim his funds of US$14.M (Fourteen Million United States Dollar), which has been with my branch for a very long time.

On this note, I decided to seek for whom his or her name shall be used as the next of kin as no one has come up to be the next of kin.

And the banking ethics here does not allow such money to stay more than four years, because money will be recalled to the bank treasury as unclaimed after this period.

In view of this, I got your contact through my seach in internet, after realizing that your name and country is similar to the deceased.

I will give you 25% of the total funds.

Upon the receipt of your response, I will send you by fax or e-mail the application, bank's fax number and the next step to take.

I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is hitch free and that you should not entertain any fear as all modalities for fund transfer can be finalized within five banking days, after you apply to the bank as a relation to the deceased.

When you receive this letter, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr.Ahmed Kabo.



Interesting, so my name and country is most similar to the guy who died? Out of the millions of other Koreans out there? And what happens to the other 75% of the money? Ooh, I just can't wait to send you my most confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication.

Hahah, give me a break. They have to put more thought into these.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Somethings wrong: parents went to their first ever Laker game before I did. =(

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Eric Yoo came to praise practice today because he flew in this past week from Columbia for spring break. It was great seeing him, but it wasn't so great seeing his mutilated finger which he got from dropping a thirty-five pound dumbbell on it at the gym.

After praise practice, a bunch of us went to L&L Barbeque (I think it's Hawaiian) to eat, and my eyes almost popped out when I saw "Grilled Spam" on the menu. I read somewhere that Hawaiians eat the most spam than anyone else. Anyways, it was dang good.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Team Shekkifaces had a miraculous victory over team Savage tonight. Everyone played really well and had good hits, but the MVP award goes to Carroll Chiou. Man, softball is seriously the one thing I look forward to every week.

We went to eat at Nation's afterwards. Then me, Andy ("I'm only gonna play for one hour"), Billy, Karen ("I'm only gonna play for ten minutes and that's it"), Kwan, Carroll, and Kristy came back to my place to play hold'em for punishments. Onions, garlic, tapatio, and balsamic vinegar. The night lasted over four hours. It was fun playing with new people like Karen, Kristy and Carroll. Carroll was the MVP for softball, but he definitely didn't get MVP for playing poker. He was the only one who lost all three games and suffered greatly.

I finally beat William Ku. It was hilarious watching him squirm and gag after eating the garlic, because for those who know him, this guy rarely ever shows emotion/pain from doing punishments. That's one reason why he's Mr. Rugged. But tonight, he was Mr. Squirm-Face. I will cherish that in my <3.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

weekend highlights and lowlights - Part 2

Sunday lowlights:
*Jane Kim and a couple other people have been hounding me to cut my hair. I haven't cut it since December due to an extreme case of laziness, but now I'm at a point where I'm curious as to how long it'll grow. I can curl it behind my ears! So fascinating!
*Telebears lost. =(

Sunday highlights:
*Fog on the way to church.
*Oh the wonderful cross, bids me to come and die.
*Playing with Baby.
***Studying for our EPS midterm with Kwan, Carolina, and Jahndee.

Jahndee is a genius when it comes to academics. She rocked the SAT and got Kwan an A after editing his paper. But this is also the same Jahndee who didn't know that the Pacific Ocean touched both California and Asia. While we took a break from studying, we had some fun by quizzing her on random facts.

quiz #1:
Me: So Jahndee, how many continents are there in the world?
Grass: (perplexed look) Um.. North America. South America.. Antarctica.. Africa.. that white blob at the top of the world, does that count?
Kwan: Uhhh, that's the North Pole!
Grass: OH.. um let's see.. Europe? and... RUSSIA?? Does Russia count? Okay, Russia? (sad face)
Us: HUH?!

quiz #2:
Us: How many stripes are there on the U.S. flag?
Grass: Hold on.. there's fifty stars right? Or is it fifty-two..? Okay, so there are fifty stars.. so that means there are... twenty stripes? Wait.. fifty? A HUNDRED??
Us: HUH?!

Thanks for the laughs Jahndee Ghandee. They should make day calendars composed of the weird things you say everyday.

as for the midterm, i think i'm too smart for EPS... i rocked on the midterm and i have to buy them all steaks now.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

weekend highlights and lowlights - Part 1

highlight: After praise practice on Saturday morning, I drove to the Berkeley Marina and flew my kite that I received for my birthday. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect for the occassion.. sunny, light winds, a couple poofy clouds in the sky. It took a while to set it up, because it's one of those trick kites that you can flip and turn while it's in the air by gently tugging at the strings that are attached to it. After I finished setting it up, I was wondering how to get it in the air without the help of another person. A kind elderly man saw my need and came over to help throw the kite in the air.

We tried again and again for ten minutes, but the kite just couldn't catch the wind and fly up into the sky. I thanked him for his help, soon asked another guy who was also flying a kite to help me launch mine. He checked mine out, made some few adjustments, then taught me how to launch it. Three attempts and five minutes later, I found myself with my back to the sparkling bay, feelin the warm rays of the sun and breeze on my face, victoriously flying my kite which was happily dancing in the sky. Then it fell straight down into a bush.

What a great afternoon. I played with the kite until sunset. There's a special satisfaction you get from flying a kite while watching the sun set behind the Golden Gate right in front of you.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Hahah, what a day.

There was a sub in Music 20a today because our regular teacher couldn't make it. This made me, Andy and Slum a little happy and relieved that our self-confidence wasn't going to be butchered down as usual. But our substitute was just as brutal. She wasn't very satisfied after we finished some rhythm exercises, so she told the whole class to "slow down for the people who are having trouble" and intentionally looked at me, Andy and Slum. In another poor class exercise not too long afterwards, she looked in our direction again and meanly said, "Why is it always that corner?"

Andy generously offered to take me out to dinner tonight for my birthday. Immediately after he picked me up, we argued for almost a full hour in his car because I wanted to go to Baja Fresh while he "wanted" Koryo Sushi. Anyways, we ended up going to Koryo because he put on his puppy dog face that no girl on this earth can resist and and kept repeating, "You're making me sad.. you're making me so sad." It turned out that the sushi rolls were good, but I had one of the most liberating conversations since I could last remember. Thanks a lot man.

Co-ed softball game. Shekkifaces 7, Opponent 8. It was a close game, and I think everyone had a lot more fun than last week. We all went out to eat at In-N-Out afterwards, and I had a good/funny talk with Billy on the way there. It was such a clear night.

Me, Kwan, Billy, Paul, Heuge, and Andy played some cards afterwards, and the losers had to eat cloves of garlic. Paul had three, Heuge had two, Andy had one. We're running out of interesting punishments to give.

Now it's 5am. In the 7th week of school of my last semester, senior year.

It's all gravy. Live it up.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Week 2: Telebears 26, Free Agents 5.

Time to write a paper that's due tomorrow. Sigh. What a crummy way to end the fun-filled weekend.