Monday, August 31, 2009

e.e. #12: finding that elusive white hair and plucking it out

I don't get white hairs often enough to develop a standard procedure for pulling them out. Not like I have for biting fingernails (I fail miserably at pulling splinters). So I find myself fumbling around in my bangs - because they always appear there for some reason - with the level of dexterity one would expect from using said fingernail-type, or say, a pair of short chopsticks.

So it's nice that when I'm sloppily combing through my hair, that annoying white strand sometimes gives away its location with nowhere to hide. I have to really hold my breath so as not to mess up the only chance I'll have for at least another few days. One quizzical look later, I pluck it from my life and go on about my day, feeling really good for all of about five seconds. Five great seconds.

If it were possible that all the stress behind that white hair was plucked right along with it, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing. But that would be cheating, I suppose.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

e.e. #11: moving walkways at the airport

How can you not enjoy moving twice as fast while walking at the same pace? I also like to look over the other side of the banister and pretend-race with those who've chosen to trudge down the path less automated for reasons I can't understand. Human conveyor belts are fun.

Pretend-race... does not sound healthy at all..

Thursday, August 06, 2009

e.e. #10: learning about how a song came to be

As the story goes. Gwenyth Paltrow's father had died suddenly from complications resulting from pneumonia. Gwenyth, inconsolable, returns from the hospital, completely covered in tears. And Chris doesn't know what else to do but to ask her, desperately, "What can I do, please tell me what I can do for you." She looks up at him and pleads very simply, "Just hold me. Because you're the only thing that can fix me right now."

Chris Martin wrote "Fix You" the very next day. And so it came to be not only one of the most highly acclaimed rock ballads of all time, but a personal anthem to so many of us for as long as we need it.