Sunday, May 26, 2002 small group leader TED:

syooperboy (10:25:37 PM): for reals? ok, that's cool. we were worried the reception would be empty
b o y 52 (10:27:05 PM): haha ..dont worry..i know a lot of people from my class are going
syooperboy (10:28:10 PM): alright. if there isn't any room then i'm gonna have to volunteer you to stay home
b o y 52 (10:29:41 PM): =(
syooperboy (10:36:10 PM): just playin.
syooperboy (10:36:27 PM): i'd have you wait outside and i'd bring you food and drinks
The highlight of my day was going hiking with my mom and dad (my brother was conveniently at some counterstrike tournament in LA with his friends). I know that it has been so long when we did anything like this together, and going to college doesn’t make it any easier to have opportunities like this. Well, we left around 9am (ah, a familiar time when I would go to sleep during finals season last week) and drove to a well-known hiking trail near Big Bear. Hahah…my parents were also happy because a parking fee wasn’t required on the last weekend of every month…a measly $5. apparently, they already knew about this deal through the Korean newspaper, which is also how they found about the hiking trail and stuff…geez, Korean parents would do anything to save a money! ;)

But the trail itself was very beautiful…it was a breezy day with some scattered clouds in the sky. Lots of different plants and flowers…and wow, pinecones all over the place. There were also a lot of redwoods and sequoias (I think) throughout the trail. Something funny happened…there was this one fallen tree with a branch sticking out vertically, and my dad eagerly shouted to me and my mom (in Korean), “look at my tae kwon do skills!” he kicked the branch really hard, but it was still too strong…so my dad bounced back like a rubber band and nearly toppled over…me and my mom were crackin’ up…ahh it was one of those times when you just had to be there to see it. =P

I think we hiked for a couple miles before we started our way down. It was great talking to my mom about stuff…she also started telling me stories of stupid things I did as a little kid. A long time ago, we went to Chinatown in San Francisco, and for some reason I got mad…so I ran away and hid behind a building from my family for the longest time…hmm, okay I guess it doesn’t sound too stupid. or interesting. But I could imagine myself doing the exact same things today that I used to do as a kid…but I’m glad that some things will never change.

Well, I previously mentioned that there were a lot of pinecones all over the place. My mom got this ingenious idea to illegally steal the pinecones from the park, spray paint them different colors and use them for Christmas. Wow, talk about thinking ahead like half a year hahah… my dad conveniently brought along a big plastic bag, and I think he stuffed like thirty or forty pinecones into the bag. We finally left, ate a healthy meal at subways, and went home. It felt really good for once to wake up early in the morning and use my day productively…and spending it with the family made it all the more worthwhile.

Friday, May 24, 2002

oh yea, i made a mistake in my last blog entry:

"but yea, it was also that time of night again for "mean-guy jahndee" to appear and make fun of me hardcore of my accents and looks and my whole existence"

let me get it right:

Kpxgrlx012 (1:01:15 AM): im not mean
Kpxgrlx012 (1:01:31 AM): and its not about ur WHOLE existence
Kpxgrlx012 (1:01:37 AM): only bout 93%of it

why cant LA water be as clean as northern cali water? O_o

Thursday, May 23, 2002

wow...pulled another allnighter with friends.. O_O

we went to go watch star wars II at emerybay and i guess it was okay...i didnt expect much out of it so i wasnt that disappointed. on a side note, i dont know why so many people tell me that im so easily pleased by movies.. like i dont have the insight to see how bad a movie is. well just because i thought "princess diaries" was an alright movie, people cant trust my judgement whenever i say stuff like, "yeA that movie was SO GOOD!" (apparentely there are some people who thought that princess diaries was horrible) gimme a break foolios!

we ate at denny's, then went to jahndee's place where we stayed up playing cards and showing each other magic card tricks. it was pretty neat. kwan showed us this one really cool trick where he predicts the cards that you have, and jahndee was so amazed and her eyes got all huge O_O hahah but it took her forever to figure out how he did it....we even brought out poster board to draw wat happened to explain it to her, but she still had no clue..(just kidding ;P) but yea, it was also that time of night again for "mean-guy jahndee" to appear and make fun of me hardcore of my accents and looks and my whole existence (you should hear some of the stuff!!) hahah..but i know thats love speakin ;P

so i left jahndee's place around 5am because i had to pack to go home for LA... i packed, waited for Joy to pick me and diana up from berkeley to oakland airport, and we arrived just a couple hours ago in LAX. mom picked me up, came home, walked around the house, became familiar with everything again, and yea it feels like home. feels good. ;P now im starving so im gonna go eat and then sleep. geeZ i have the worst sleeping schedule in the universe (next to karen)

good luck to those who still have their finals in the next few days..

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

star wars episode II TONIGHT!! yeAAa

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

special request from evelyn ;P

TrUsT2Eve: Hiya Roy OPpa...
TrUsT2Eve: u typed ur friend's(karen and frances) blog.. Can you do type mine in too? the site is:
TrUsT2Eve: and I have another one...
TrUsT2Eve: which has responses to people.. and u can put this up in ur blog too if u want...
TrUsT2Eve: the site is
TrUsT2Eve: Type those in ur blog...
TrUsT2Eve: jung mar Goh mah wuh YO !!! Ü

by the way, does anyone know how to post up links on the side of this blog page?
wHOa momma, it has been 5 stinkin days since i wrote in here! sorry guys, ive just been studying for finals and i took my last one today..mcb 41x, one of the most poorly-taught classes in the entire universe.. O_o me and karen tried staying up last night at the library, trying to squeeze in every drop about southern blot tests and recombinant DNA..unfortunately we crashed for a couple hours and i thought i was officially screwed when i woke up. the final started at 12:30 and its scheduled to end at 3:30...there were so many multiple choice questions and diagrams that my head started spinning...i think around 1:30, i fell asleep during the exam for twenty minutes...dang. its so weird because i never ever fell asleep during an exam before. yes, many constructive things im learning this year, along with my "school-sucks" attitude from my early early diagnosis of senioritis..arGh

well i finished the final finally, and i looked around and saw that i was one of the ten last people to finish...i turned in my test, clicked my heels, and went on my way to use a public restroom in stephen's hall to brush my teeth and wash my face. then i just went home and relaxed...which i havent done in a while..

this blog goes out to the library crew in main stacks! fight the good fight! remember to keep those water bottles and candies out of sight so they wont be confiscated! (i hope that beaver-looking library policeman finds something better to do)

isithotorjustme (3:02:37 AM): i just gotta be somewhere like 2ish
isithotorjustme (3:02:38 AM): ok
b o y 52 (3:02:40 AM): oh aright
b o y 52 (3:02:42 AM): work?
isithotorjustme (3:02:48 AM): nah
isithotorjustme (3:02:49 AM): office hours
isithotorjustme (3:02:49 AM): for the first tiem in my life
isithotorjustme (3:02:53 AM): hahahhaha
b o y 52 (3:02:56 AM): wat teh
b o y 52 (3:02:57 AM): ever?
isithotorjustme (3:03:02 AM): si
b o y 52 (3:04:42 AM): simply amazing
b o y 52 (3:04:49 AM): im putting that in my blog
b o y 52 (3:04:50 AM): thanks
isithotorjustme (3:05:33 AM): haha
isithotorjustme (3:05:33 AM): you jerk

simply amazing...g'nite guys

Thursday, May 16, 2002

GOSh why dont i ever have the willpower to GET UP when my alarm clock goes off??? i swear that this has become a serious im three hours behind schedule, argh...

i left the library around 6am...i have to admit, watching the sun come up and breathing that fresh air at that hour felt really good...

nothing much today besides a review session, more library, and more junk food. O_o

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

library was fun again tonight guys!

(i only studied <1 lecture out of 26)

goodniters ;P

frances's bloggie:

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

took my education final today yea! probably did really bad yea!

2 finals down...1 mo' to go

karen's bloggie:

Monday, May 13, 2002

i came back really stressed from the library, very worried about my studies and tests. But God used friends to help me up. I feel like the wealthiest man in the world who doesn't possess a single cent.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

dood, there are some hardcore people at the library..i came like an hour ago and it was jammed pack already...NERDS! and wat the heck am i doing at the computer? i finished printing the stuff i needed to print, and checking the email that i never get...dang it roy, cmon go study you buttface
wow, this is the earliest since ive come back from church on sundays...a record-breaking 1:50pm! its even cooler because there was no traffic in the morning or early afternoon, so we got to and fro faster. before this new schedule was implemented, the drive to sf was considerably longer because many people in the easy bay would leave around the same time as us to go to a baseball or football game in sf.

the new "church" itself was pretty cool and spacious. for those who dont know, it used to be a funeral home. but they fixed a lot of things and painted it up, so it looks like a church now. pastor eug shared with us some of kcpc's interesting history of termporary locations. it once shared a buddhist temple, a jim jone's cult temple, and a mosque (i think?). after service, we got yummy korean rice cakes and i think i ate like 20 of them. really good and sweet in the inside...i remember that while i was talking to andy, i popped one in my mouth and all the juice accidentally squirted out onto andy's jacket, like a mini-super soaker! it was really unexpected but funny..hahah. we had children's service next. a lot of the kids were complaining that there was no room to play or run around. at our previous church, there was a large area where kids could play...but nothing like that here. one little girl, ellen, timidly raised her hand and asked, "may we at least play in the nursery..?" i felt really bad for her at that point because i saw the room labeled "nursery" this morning. i looked inside and i saw that it was no larger than a kitchen. there was already a broken-up crib that took up half the room. but im sure we can get along without a playground for the kids for one year, when we'll be hopefully moving into kcpc's former location on this beautiful cliff that overlooks the pacific ocean...cant wait.

when we got home, eug climbed into bed to take a nap and suddenly said, "dang, these past two years went by pretty fast..." i have this theory of why people think "oh wow time is flying so fast!" as they grow older. okay, let me try to explain this..i did a bad job explaining to eugene so i think i will do a bad job explaining here. but theres a bottle okay! the bottle symbolizes someone's life. and each time you go through an important phase of life, say elementary school, a gas would be put into the bottle, lets say its blue gas. okay, so since gas takes shape of its container, the blue particles would disperse within the bottle. so at that point, elementary school would be predominant in the person's life and memories. life would be pretty slow because theres just one gas and its pretty homogenous in the bottle. but as the person goes through more stages, like middle school (red gas) and high school (green gas), the blue gas thats in the bottle has to make room for the red and green gases (this is assuming that the gases cant mix together or react). so the blue gas will be more dense and not take up as much room, and the red and green gases will do likewise. in a way, each gas layer has become smaller due to the confining space in the bottle, making it seem like time is going faster. so by the time people graduate from college and as they look back and say, "wow wat a fast four years it has been!" realistically, they would have been through so much and there would be so many different colored gases in the bottle that they cant help but see it that way. and the types of gases arent limited to school intervals, but also stuff like monumental events in life, memorable moments, friends, relationships, etc. i know that there are a lot of flaws in this analogy, and i must have a lot of gases in my brain to think of something weird like this. eug suggested a better example using marbles instead of gases, but that foolio just rolled over and fell asleep without finishing. i guess the main point is that a year when we were second graders and a year in college is still a year long no matter how you look at it, so make the most out of it.

i realize that blogs can be used as an effective weapon:

SKIM012 (2:16:28 PM): kids these age are so weird
SKIM012 (2:17:14 PM): he said he doesnt go to kcpc
SKIM012 (2:17:26 PM): but he got my sn from jenny
SKIM012 (2:17:34 PM): the student jenny
b o y 52 (2:17:35 PM): hmm interesting
b o y 52 (2:17:37 PM): oic
b o y 52 (2:18:32 PM): he likes you?
b o y 52 (2:18:36 PM): ;-)
SKIM012 (2:18:56 PM): oh yes
SKIM012 (2:18:58 PM): rowr
SKIM012 (2:19:03 PM): i have 12 year old admireres
b o y 52 (2:19:31 PM): thats going in my blog
SKIM012 (2:19:36 PM): HAHA
SKIM012 (2:19:38 PM): oops
SKIM012 (2:19:46 PM): u weirdo
b o y 52 (2:19:52 PM): excellent!

yes excellent indeed.. ;P

i have to go study now...and eat something. all this talk about gases is making me hungry..hahah! adioso
geez...3:16am right now and i have to wake up by 7:30 tomorrow morning to get ready for church! its the first sunday when kcpc will start their new schedule..frankly, im excited of how its going to be like. especially since we'll be back pretty early in the afternoon so we'll have time to relax or nap before hitting the books..

i really didn't do much again today...i woke up at 3:30 in the stinkin afternoon because me, karen, jahndee, sewon, and kristy stayed up all night from wat was supposed to be a "study session," but it ended up as a "school-sucks session." me and karen had fun reciting shakespeare plays with our awesome accent abilities, which bothered jahndee a lot, who was sleeping in the other room. O_O hahaha, i remember she came out with a pouting look on her face, exclaiming, "gosh ROY, you're so BAD AT ACCENTS!" hahah well maybe it wont sound so good to the untrained ear..but to the ear that captures beauty and eloquence, there will my accents reside =D

well...gotta get to sleep...have a full day manana. 99*

Friday, May 10, 2002

on a scale of 1-10 on tiredness, i am about a 17 right now..O_O ficb had their annual picnic today. we went to a park half hour away from berkeley, and boy, the scene was incredible. we had a great spot right next to a lake, surrounded by trees and mountains..and the air was so great. it was really fun because there was a playground there too, complete with a jungle gym, swings, slides and this awesome pirate ship thing with cool contraptions. =D but yea, it was fun because everyone was acting like little kids...jumping off the swings, seeing who can go down the slide the fastest, playing chicken fight on the jungle gyms..kwan ate it really hard because eric practically dragged him off the bars and kwan fell on his back O_o but he still retained enough sexiness to make some awesome catches in football later. =) a bunch of people were having the time of their life when they were coaxing people to come sit on this flexible bridge thing that connected the jungle gyms basically, two people on each side would jump up and down really hard and the bridge would become really really wavy.. and the person sitting in the middle (who doesnt know about how wavy this thing shakes) would become so scared and have the funniest expression on their faces as the other guys start jumping up and down really hard on the bridge...ah you had to be there to see it!

came home on the big fat bus, watched the laker game with eug and roach, watched them grimace in pain when the lakers naturally kicked butt, and im just sitting here at my desk doing nothing. i have a lot to study right now, but i dont have the motivation to. i have a business test on monday and an early education final on tuesday, but im sure that just tickled your fancy. O_o well for no apparent reason, here are some AIM responses that just tickled my fancy:

aLEX s hYUN: my boxers are pink
Kpxgrlx012: i just ate 15 scoops of ice cream
biblia sacra pde: stickin tongue twister
biblia sacra pde: ur blog title :-)

haha yea, i dont know why i named my blog title like this. but im open to more suggestions! itll be easy because a lot of things rhyme with my name..;P take it easy fellas
sylvia made my day by saying that i had a good scottish accent! i was reciting william wallace's speech in braveheart and she was surprised by saying, "hey that's pretty good!" i have many far they are:

1) scottish
2) british
3) pirate
4) austrailian
5) indian (kind of hard...cant do it as well as julie)

karen felt that the other four accents didnt really count because: s u r f c LOUD 9 (2:39:18 AM): they all sound scottish in the end
if you guys ever want to hear them, just ask and i will gladly gladly gladly share! =D

today was a full busy day...i went to my last day at OASES...for those who dont know wat OASES is, its a tutoring program centered in downtown oakland. me and my tutee (his name is isaiah) wrote cards for each other. he drew something really funny in the card he gave me, which is kinda hard to explain with words. but yea, im really going to miss that was always a pleasure to tutor him every thursday and jumprope with him after he finished his homework. that guy is SO good at jumproping..i think he's the best ive seen! he does something weird like i would hold one end of the jumprope and he would hold the other, and as we start swinging the rope, he would then pivot his body so that he's able to jump in hes swinging the rope and jumping at the same time..does that make sense? it was pretty cool to see...if you are wondering how thats done, dont ask me because i cant do it. but i can show you my accents! =D

i dont think i got much done at the library as i hoped tonight...bad news too: i got caught by the library police. you know, those people who wear those yellow keychains around their necks, walking through the library and making sure that no one has food or drink out...and yes, i did something pretty stupid...i was sitting at a table with kristy, julie oh, sylvia, roach, and karen...i had a bottle of juice out on the table. i was reading my notes while i looked up and i saw a guy wearing a yellow shirt walk towards julie (she was sitting on my right). i looked at him for a sec and just assumed that he was julie's the same time, i saw sylvia and others hurriedly putting their water bottles away, but i just went back to studying. after a couple moments, sylvia was urgently whispering to me, "roy! your drink!" i looked up and i was confused about what was going on...i looked up and that guy was still standing there. he was looking at my drink, looked at me, looked at my drink again. it finally clicked in my head that HE was a library police guy, not julie's friend. argh...i didn't notice his yellow keychain around his neck because it was camouflaged with his yellow shirt...sneaky guy. i quickly picked up my drink and put it under the table, and i spilled some juice on the table while doing so. guys, watch out next time whenever you bring food or drinks in the library...those library cops can look like anyone...O_O

okay im pretty pooped again...time to hit the ol' hay. thanks for reading though...even though that this blog is mainly for my own purposes. nite!

ps. hey frances! if you're reading this...just go to and you can sign up for one too. =D

Thursday, May 09, 2002

ah..john mayer is such a good guitar player..dl his songs!

i wish i had photographic memory so i can flip through all the pages and memorize them..and during a test i would close my eyes and see that the answers are right there...its kinda hard to believe that there are actually people like that out there.. O_O

okay no more fantasizing...time to hit the back by 2:30 guys!
im finally doing my laundry right now...i totally ran out of whites. heres a disgusting fact that i shared with eug and sharon...ive been wearing the same pair of socks for four days. sick, yea i know...but i SWEAR that i take showers every single day, PLUS i dont sweat in my feet like other people do! i dont know if that convinced you it too late to say april fools? O_o

didn't do much after i came home from school today. i just napped for a couple hours, ate dinner with eug, lifted with eug and snoh, and went to the library. geez, when i got there it was 'round 11:00pm and there was a mile-long wait list for the computers...i had to wait till 12:30 to finally get one. i think people are rushing to finish their term papers. last week, the girl sitting next to me (in the comp center) lost her entire research paper because her floppy disk crashed on her. she started crying and everything because it was due the next day...i felt really really horrible for her. word to the wise...try avoiding using floppy disks and instead, email it to yourself. floppy disks can corrupt itself over a period of time for no weird potatoes...mmm....if you leave potatoes out for a really long time, they start sprouting leaves and roots..looks reALLy crazy! okay sorry im on a tangenT..hahah geez.

i like walking home when its really dark and know that path when you walk down from the library, across vlsb, across that little bridge, beside haas pavilion, down dana people in sight, no other sounds beside the winds rustling through trees and your own footsteps...i found myself praying...well, not even praying, just conversing with Him just like how i would with a friend...i was reminded of a very simple lesson tonight...there's no better listener than God. you can blab on and on about anything you want, anytime you want...He's still listening wholeheartedly. the amazing part is that He knows your thoughts and cries of your heart before you even present them to Him. if He knows already, there really is no need to hide yourself from anything... a lot of people, myself included, just want God to verbally talk back to you like He did in the Old testament like with abraham and adam...i sometimes want the clouds to break and a thundering voice from heaven to call out, "roy!" but God is very evident in our world...very present. and just like hes the best listener there is, Hes the loudest person there is too...not by verbal words, but by His actions. His actions shown through nature, through other people, through your own heart...He responds to us in different ways. i think i still have trouble with this concept, because most of the time i miss or ignore wat Hes trying to tell me.. yea, we have two ears to listen, but most of the time, we have to listen with our hearts, where the incomprehensible is understood.

that about wraps up this night. i just have to wait for my laundry to finish so i can wear a clean pair of socks for tomorrow. =) this blog was dedicated to jahndee, who reminded me today over and over to update it so she can read it and avoid studying at all costs...heres to jahndee! =D

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

woo HOO i finally finished school for today..=) i woke up at 9:40am ish, so i quickly got ready and ran to haas by 10:15. by then, i was completely exhausted...i just turned in my paper and sat in the back of room like a bum. next, i didnt feel like going to mcb lecture because our professor is getting reaaal shady...kristy told me yesterday that hes calling up students to lecture instead of him lecturing. our prof looks a lot like robin williams, but imagine him as a 70 yr old version of robin williams. got some gbc buffalo wings and fries, then started walking towards tolman for discussion. but then i realized that i was really early, so i stopped by the morrison reading room and hang out..i really like the environment in there. its quiet, old-fashioned, velvet chairs and couches all over the room...i almost feel like a king of england when im in there..sorry if that didnt make sense to you. O_o lindur was there with her nose stuck in a book like always.. we just talked about a lotta stuff...i was just reminded of how important friends are especially in college...chances are, these guys are gonna be your life-long is an opportune time to invest in friendships, but its really up to the person to make that extra effort to reach out. continuing on, i went to tolman and i found out that apparently, the last day of discussion was on monday and i didnt even go to that one...i totally thought today was the last and hiyas felt really stupid. she kept on laughing her head off of how she missed the last couple months of mcb discussion, and today she finally shows up eager and ready...only to find a completely empty classroom. hmmm O_o mission failed...we got in her car and drove to bancroft and found a place to park..hiyas was then talking about how she purposely wanted to break the meter so she wont have to pay. we found a spot, parked, and she put a quarter in the meter, but yep...murphy's got stuck. we tried shoving more coins in there to wiggle that first stuck coin, but those coins got stuck too...geez hiyas, you got your wish.

hmm..i just went to business lecture after that, where i fell asleep for more than half the period, and i came home now. nothing else to write about until sure youre wringing your hands out of anticipation of wats more to come...ill try to update later aright!
oh yea, happy 20th mr. billy ku...20 years of being the handsome rugged man that he is.

okay i just finished my paper...i just wrote a couple more sentences that smelled like poop in there, and frankly i dont care about it anymore. you know wat? frankly i dont care about this blog right now either...but i do care about getting an hour and a half of sleep before turning it in by 10am..ARGH WHY IS HAAS SO FAR AWAY?!?

nite guys...i mean, morning. *ouch*
here i am...7:18am in the stinkin morning and i decide to update my blog. O_o well i was chatting with julie today, and she convinced me that i should be responsible to update my blog and entertain my audience. considering that only three people that i know of know about this blog (jahndee, eug, and now julie), i hope you guys will have fun reading whatever junk i post up here...O_O

actually, let me finish my BA paper first....i just want to say that i am really reeally hating school right now...why does it take a whole stinkin night to write two pages?!