Tuesday, August 18, 2009

e.e. #11: moving walkways at the airport

How can you not enjoy moving twice as fast while walking at the same pace? I also like to look over the other side of the banister and pretend-race with those who've chosen to trudge down the path less automated for reasons I can't understand. Human conveyor belts are fun.

Pretend-race... does not sound healthy at all..


Julian said...

This is one easter egg I have to disagree with.
I don't like these things.
Do we really need these machines to propel us forward for only a few feet? What a waste of space and resources LAZY PPL!!
I refuse to conform to these machines.
When we were at the Houston airport on the way back from Mexico this summer, Politos and I raced against Robert who used the moving walkway while we didn't
and we won both times.
(Robert was carrying luggage though)

Andy Chon said...

a.e.e. #2: The feeling of flossing after you come home from a dinner where you couldn't concentrate on what the other person was saying -- you couldn't even concentrate on what you were saying -- because of that stupid piece of beef sinew stuck in between your molars. Your tongue can feel exactly where it is, but you can't suck hard enough to get it out, and you don't feel comfortable shoving your fingers inside your mouth.

Paul said...

p.e.e. #1: b.a.b.a.up.down.b.a.left.right.b.a.start

Roy said...

julien, i agree with your reasoning. but if your layover flight is set to take off in fifteen minutes and you have to rush to a terminal that's all the way on the other side of the airport, then these are a god-send.

andy, that is a nice e.e., but update your own blog please

paul, really bad e.e.